Where I write online and get paid

Do you want to write online and get paid like I do? You aren't going to roll in the big bucks but these sites are helping with our bills. Every time I pause to evaluate where we are in eliminating the bills, I become more thankful for sites like these.

Most are a combination of up front payment plus income sharing. This lets me earn passive income on the articles indefinitely. The income share component on the site may be only a few cents per article, per month, but it adds up to extra dollars. Income is typically from a combination of various forms of ad revenue.  If you want to write online and get paid this is a good way to go.

The first place that I write for pay is this blog. The ads that you see help pay the freight. The few dollars per month that they bring in help with a dollar menu or sometimes a small ($4) prescription co-pay.  Rest assured, that if you sign up for my newsletter the information won't be shared with anyone, for any reason. Otherwise, all of my blogs are like any other site on the internet. Ads come, go and  (if cookies exist) they can be blocked with your browser settings.

The other places that I write for pay more are online sites. These often often an upfront payment for articles that are written and continue to pay in the form of page views. The highest paying content site that I write for earns about $2 for 1,500 views. It isn't much but it adds up.

When you post an article for upfront payment consideration, these sites evaluate your work either electronically or by hand. This is done for each article for which you submit for upfront payment. Depending on a number of factors, an offer may or may not be extended. You can choose to either accept or reject the offer.

Your own blog is another good place where you can write online and get paid. Don't quit that day job yet! It takes awhile to build up an inventory of posts and market your work. (Go social media!) Once word gets out,  you can accept offers for paid posts on relevant content or join affiliate programs.

You will not get rich by blogging or by writing for online sites. The extra income does help. My out of debt journey is proof of that.

These are the sites where I write online and get paid.
  • Bubblews is the new kid on the block. It's been in business for about two years now. The minimum payout is $50. I like that you can request funds when you reach the threshold. It takes about two weeks to receive the money after it is requested. Writers must follow the reasonable rules or forfeit the money. Writers can receive a bonus of .20 cents for referring others to sign up to write on Bubblews.
  • Examiner - The articles earn passive income indefinitely. A referral bonus of $50 is earned when referring other people to write for Examiner. People who sign-up receive a $25 bonus.
  • Knoji - Up front payments are in the form of an activity bonus. I've earned anywhere from .25 (yes, a quarter) to around $5. Some articles pay as much as $20 or more. All earn passive, traffic based income. There is no minimum payment threshold for payment.
  • Yahoo! Contributor Network - Up front payments are offered after content is reviewed by trained staff. When they happen, these are usually in the $2-$4 dollar range. Articles earn traffic based income as long as one article is published every 90 days. No minimum threshold. 
Syndication sites that share revenue.
  • Red Gage This site pays you through a prepaid debit card. The minimum payout is $25. It can take over a month to receive funds. They charge you $5 for the first card. Then, there are fees to withdraw funds. 
My Blogs
Each of my blogs are monetized through advertising revenue, affiliate programs, paid posts. Each online advertiser has a minimum payout. Payment is via electronic transfer, Pay Pal or check. The method used depends on the advertiser.

Paid posts and tweets
  • Blogsvertise - Pay-per-post offers are based on what Blogsvertise
  • LinkWorth - sponsored posts and links. Price is determined by LinkWorth.
  • Sponsored Reviews - Pay per review. Advertising referrals can generate a bonus.
  • Sponsored Tweets - Yes, you can get paid to tweet. SponsoredTweets will also give a 10% referral bonus on income earned from tweets of anyone that you sign up.
  • Text-Link-Ads - Earn from links or sponsored blog posts. Price pre-set.
These sites pay per post or tweet. Don't lose your credibility. Only accept posts that relevant and are from companies that you respect. Otherwise, your readers won't respect you in the morning.

  • Textbroker - Minimum $10 payout. Writers may request a weekly payout or wait and let earnings accumulate.
Affiliate programs
  • Commission Junction (CJ) - This is an affiliate marketing hub for pay-per-click and pay-per-sale marketing programs . A bucket load of companies network their affiliate programs through CJ. Individual advertisers set terms. Some have a minimum payment threshold. Not all pay by Pay Pal. It can take forever to get your first payout. 
  • Zazzle  This is my favorite store so far. You can order products in bulk at a reduced rate to sell locally. Sellers can set the profit percentage (usually 10%). Some products are expensive. Spreading word of Zazzle sales usually increases revenue. 
Selling locally
  • Arts and craft shows, local festivals and church fundraisers often sell booths. These opportunities can be a good place to sell products. The opportunities can also be a bust if there isn't enough traffic or if your products don't fit the audience. You can ask the promoters, friends and family for input. However: trial and error are often the only way know how it will go.