Saturday, March 8, 2014

Epinions closes the review writing platform

Word broke earlier this month that Epinions is no longer paying writers. February 25, 2014 was the last day that writers could edit content on the review writing platform. Writers are being referred to a FAQ for answers. Yesterday marked the final payout and the end of an era in online writing.

I have written off an on for them since 2001. They were one of the first online writing sites that paid and several people launched new careers because of it. Readers could turn to Epinions for unbiased product reviews long before other review sites developed.

As the internet changed much of Epinions remained the same. Other platforms became more user friendly as new software became available. People shifted from reading exhaustive reviews in favor of shorter content that was more easily digested. 

The trend at Epinions was to push longer reviews that readers just weren't interested in. Why read 1,500 words when you can read 400 words on another site? The end result was a decline in site participation and lowered profits for both writers and company. It was a business model that no longer worked. 

Writers who relied solely on Epinions may have found the end of the review writing platform to be a bitter pill to swallow. The income loss won't be made up overnight. It takes time to build an portfolio of articles that earn well. 

Perhaps the best thing about Epinions is how they managed the end of the review writing platform. There wasn't much advance notice but there was some. Writers were also allowed to download our articles. Whether a market remains for the work is uncertain but it's a start.

I cannot stress enough that writers must create multiple income streams. The adage "don't put all your eggs in one basket" applies. When it comes to making money online it's critical to diversify. 

Fortunately, other sites are still seeking writers. Knoji, Yahoo Voices and Examiner are continuing to pay. Bubblews is a newer site that is catching attention. Ghost writers may find Textbroker to be helpful and of course, there is always the option to make money online through your own blog. 

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