Friday, December 9, 2011

Duggar family loses child; has my sympathy

I just heard the news that the Duggar family has lost a child. My sympathy goes out to them. There are people who don't approve of the lifestyle that this family of 20 has. The Duggar family inspires me to push harder for my clan to become debt free. 

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar share some of their secrets in this MSNBC interview. My family has a hard time saving money and there are just four of us. We're slowly learning how walk the path to become debt free. The road we are on is filled with land mines but one thing helps keep me on track. People like Jim Bob and Michelle who are already debt free have lots of tips for us to emulate. Here's why following the website and blog is helpful for me. 

Throughout the Duggar family site there are two things that are stressed. The Duggar family buys used cars and saves money. These are also the two things that I have the hardest time with. We've lived the 'too much month at the end of the money'. I have to say that it fans the flames of wanting to be debt free.

Owning used cars isn't a problem for us. Hubby has driven his truck since 1999. We hope to drive my PT Cruiser and the truck until we are debt free. (There's only $200 due on the car.) People look at me like I'm crazy but my belief is that car repairs are less expensive than car payments. 

Travel is my passion. We all know that passions can get expensive. That's why it surprised me that the Duggar clan was able to visit Jerusalem. What a fascinating place that must be. Traveling internationally as a debt free group shocks me. My mind is still working on details for a road trip never mind international travel. 

The Duggar are my debt free heroes. They don't use credit, live frugally and own several businesses. How can anyone ask for more? My thoughts are that if a family of 20 can be debt free, we can too. I'll continue to watch the Duggar family website and Michelle's blog for inspiration. Theirs is not the only blog that I'm following either. Almost all of the debt free blogs help me move forward. 

My sympathy to the Duggar family in the recent loss of your child.

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